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Finding good skin care products is highly important; this is especially true if you want to have clear glowing skin. There are countless products on the market and on store shelves that promise miracles, which makes the task of choosing the right products difficult. However, the majority of the products that are gracing store shelves could be a danger to your skin, your health and your family. Why is that? Well, the majority of drugstore skin care products and cosmetics are chemical-filled trash that can only harm your skin and your health. That being said, how is one supposed to find a product that works well, doesn’t present a danger to the skin and isn’t filled with chemicals? The answer is simple: just go organic with your skin care routine.

Why should you go organic? At first, a lot of people are skeptical of organic skin care products because they don’t come from well-known brands such as: Maybelline, Revlon, Mac and so forth. But, products that have wholesome and organic ingredients will cause less damage to someone’s fragile skin, and there are less chances of suffering from allergic reactions.
organic skin careAnd truth be told: the majority of drugstore and high-end brands have the same harmful ingredients in their products. For example, did you know that some high-end brands of makeup remover contain formaldehyde? Does that sound familiar? If it doesn’t ring a bell, let me refresh your memory: formaldehyde is the liquid that is used to preserved dead frogs that will be used for dissection in life science class. Scary, isn’t it? Do you really want a liquid that can preserve the carcass of a dead frog on your face? That being said, in order to limit you exposure to dangerous chemicals, like formaldehyde, you need to read the labels on your products.
Another ingredient that is commonly used in skin care products and cosmetics is coal tar dye, which is used in petroleum. More ingredients that you should be careful with include: mineral oil, chemical dyes and parabens such as Ethyl and Butyl. And, another scary thing about the ingredients in non-organic skin care products is that some research has linked the ingredients in these products to cancer and infertility. Why is that? Well, some of the chemicals have been found to screw up the body’s hormones because they mimic said hormones.

Organic products are wholesome; some ingredients in organic products are so pure that a human can ingest them and nothing would happen. Your skin is your largest organ, and it can absorb the chemicals in the products you put on top of it. In order to improve your health and your family’s health, purchasing organic skin care products is a must, but before you buy a product, make sure you read the label, and never listen to the false claims on the box. The best way to search for products that are truly organic is to check them on the Skin Deep Database website. Here’s the link:

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  1. Debbi S. says:

    Wonderful post. It is amazing how people think that slathering chemicals and things like formaldehyde! on their skin will make them look better or preserve a youthful look for longer. Health and purity maintain youthfulness longer! Organic skin care products work better to.

  2. Ella Marie says:

    AMAZING post! Couldn’t have said it better myself! This is EXACTLY why I decided to start using natural and organic products. People would be shocked if they actually researched what was in the products they are using, and I personally was shocked at how much more of a positive effect natural products had on my skin. My favorite brand is Purelement Naturals ( All of their products are great – right now I’m loving Defend Argan Oil Moisturizer. Oils are very versatile and I love it! I use Defend on both my hair and my skin. My skin is tighter and softer than ever before. I also use “Glow” which is an oil based facial/ body scrub. Do you have any specific brands or products that you like? Or are you a fan of DIY/ homemade products?

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